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Auto logistics services for dealerships that deliver value

Overburdened internal resources, lack of visibility and tracking in the supply chain, unresponsive carrier partners...what obstacles stand in your way of operational excellence for your dealership? We can help you overcome them.

With Neptune’s portfolio of business solutions, you’ll find the resources you need to ensure you have the market resiliency and capacity necessary for future growth. We incorporate reliable service and powerful technology into our solutions at every stage of a vehicle’s lifecycle to improve efficiency for shippers, carriers and end consumers.

Get the speed and reliability you expect

Neptune has the logistics expertise to manage all types of moves—manufacturer to dealer, dealer to dealer, dealer to auction, auction to auction, dealer to consumer or consumer to dealer.

Capacity with flexibility

Neptune’s extensive nationwide carrier network of over 15,000 ensures consistent and available capacity along with the ability to weather market fluctuations with ease.

How do you need it shipped? We can secure open or enclosed transportation, expedited shipping or create a custom solution to meet your exact requirements.

Single unit to full-load capacity

With a foundation in the retail market, Neptune Auto Transport is the industry’s leader in single vehicle moves. Even if you just have one or two units to move, you need transportation fast, Neptune Auto Transport fast.

When your dealership has a large number of vehicles to transport, rely on Neptune Auto Transport. We can handle high volume, multiple full loads for cars and trucks as well as motorcycles, powersports, inoperable vehicles and more.

Reliable pricing and delivery

Neptune Auto Transport has multiple ways to provide you with pricing information. We can use our market predictive calculator to offer spot quotes, customize set pricing to fit your exact needs or provide contract pricing.

Once you have the order and are ready for transportation, Neptune Auto Transport is ready with speedy dispatch and transit times. We can respond to your fluctuating schedule and move vehicles on and off your lots faster to decrease cycle time.

Centralize your vehicle transportation and focus on profit-building activities

For dealerships spending more time transporting vehicles than selling them, we offer our Managed Services solution. Neptune Auto Transport is the industry leader in single unit moves and can help you save time and money, not to mention relieve a few headaches.

Without the latest technology and experienced logistics staff, it’s difficult to successfully manage the transport of your wholesale units. That’s where leveraging the services of a third party provider can be a game changer. Neptune Auto Transport brings together cutting-edge software, logistics expertise and a 15,000-carrier network to deliver value and efficiency to dealerships seeking to run their businesses more profitably.

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